Hollywood’s Biggest #MeToo Offenders Are Making A Movie

Hollywood, CA – The outing of Hollywood’s biggest sexual predators and perverts is in full swing. Now several of them are getting together to make their comeback film.  Kevin Spacey, Louis [...]


CONTROVERSIAL: New iPhone Emojis To Represent A More Diverse Culture

Cupertino, CA – Following the release of the new iPhone X in November, user complaints have been flooding the message boards regarding the shocking lack of new emojis added to the system. [...]


SHOCKING: New Oscar Statue Celebrates Diversity

Hollywood, CA – Morgan Freeman started a firestorm by calling out the SAG awards for a Gender-Specific Statuette while accepting the guild’s life achievement award. “I wasn’t [...]


FAIL: You Won’t Believe The Vanity Fair Photoshop disaster!

Hollywood, CA – With the Times Up Movement in full swing rapidly changing our culture the Vanity Fair cover photoshop fail is proof that Hollywood is struggling to keep up. The photo [...]


Take a Look Inside the Hollywood Compound Where James Franco is Hiding Out

Hollywood, CA – Earlier this month several women came forward and accused actor James Franco of sexual misconduct. Most of the Hollywood community was shocked… that it was women [...]


Analysts Explain Why Women’s March Took So Long. The Explanation Will Amaze You!

Washington, D.C. – Almost a year after the historic 2017 Women’s March, activists gathered in D.C. — and across the U.S. — to march once again. The 2018 Women’s March in D.C. began at 11 [...]


Donald Trump Can Shutdown The Government With One Push Of A Button!

Washington, D.C. – You may recall President Donald Trump responding at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a tweet about having a nuclear button on his desk by tweeting, “…I [...]


Study Reveals Men Click On Pictures of Boobs!

DOLLYWOOD, TN- More than 40 years after its birth, we are finally beginning to understand the internet. Scientists have concluded that men are more likely to click on pictures of women’s breasts, [...]


Scientist Accidentally Prove Existence of God!

A recent study proving the existence of God has rattled the scientific community. The study, which radically changes philosophers ideas on the nature of the universe, was conducted by renowned [...]


So long Hipsters: Hello CAVESTERS!

Seattle, WA- The modern day hipster is all about “the ironic”. Living in the “not so distant past”. The modern hipster loves his civil-war-area-beard, faux nerd glasses, and the fun of going [...]

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