Hollywood’s Biggest #MeToo Offenders Are Making A Movie

Hollywood, CA – The outing of Hollywood’s biggest sexual predators and perverts is in full swing. Now several of them are getting together to make their comeback film.  Kevin Spacey, Louis [...]


SHOCKING: New Oscar Statue Celebrates Diversity

Hollywood, CA – Morgan Freeman started a firestorm by calling out the SAG awards for a Gender-Specific Statuette while accepting the guild’s life achievement award. “I wasn’t [...]


FAIL: You Won’t Believe The Vanity Fair Photoshop disaster!

Hollywood, CA – With the Times Up Movement in full swing rapidly changing our culture the Vanity Fair cover photoshop fail is proof that Hollywood is struggling to keep up. The photo [...]


Take a Look Inside the Hollywood Compound Where James Franco is Hiding Out

Hollywood, CA – Earlier this month several women came forward and accused actor James Franco of sexual misconduct. Most of the Hollywood community was shocked… that it was women [...]


Analysts Explain Why Women’s March Took So Long. The Explanation Will Amaze You!

Washington, D.C. – Almost a year after the historic 2017 Women’s March, activists gathered in D.C. — and across the U.S. — to march once again. The 2018 Women’s March in D.C. began at 11 [...]


SAN DIEGO, CA – After many suggestions from convention attendees, San Diego Comic Con finally offered free classes and support groups (“Cos Play is OK“) to any nerd that was [...]


NBC To Bring Back Yakov Smirnoff’s “WHAT A COUNTRY!”

Branson, MO- Amidst the doping allegations and bad press that Russia is experiencing of their 2018 Olympic athletes, the country is trying to create a more positive image. And what better way to [...]


Kylie Jenner Tweets “Dad had a sex change. Why can’t I have a race change?”

Hollywood, CA- Looks like Tinsel Town has a new fad. Forget your tiny purse dogs, old timey moustaches’ and vodka enemas. “Gender Reassignment is SO last year”, according to a recent tweet from [...]


New Cast Of The Sex And The City 2 Reboot Is All Male…and Totally Badass!

SAN DIEGO, CA – With so many announcements and trailers at the latest 2017 Comic-Con there’s one that has really sparked excitement because, let’s face it… we all love remakes! [...]