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Take a Look Inside the Hollywood Compound Where James Franco is Hiding Out - Melmac News

Take a Look Inside the Hollywood Compound Where James Franco is Hiding Out

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Hollywood, CA – Earlier this month several women came forward and accused actor James Franco of sexual misconduct. Most of the Hollywood community was shocked… that it was women accusing him. After being removed from the cover of Vanity Fair due to the allegations Franco promptly went into a reclusive state and started pretending he was stuck under a rock like that movie 127 Hours. We were invited into his home and now we have an exclusive look inside James Franco’s hideaway compound!

There’s a Green Goblin Room:

Taking cues from his role as the Green Goblin his mansion is complete with lots of hidden passages… and Willem Dafoe! He reportedly pays Dafoe’s day rate which Franco claims, keeps him grounded, “Willem follows me around the compound and when I start to really get depressed he reminds me that he starred in Speed 2: Cruise Control,” Franco said of their relationship.

There’s a comfort rumpus room:

He has a special Seth Rogen rumpus room with life size Rogen comfort pillows to cry into. Nobody has helped Franco through more existential crises than Seth Rogen. He had an entire room filled with 46 Seth Rogen like pillows that he can cry into, and one Japanese sex doll.

He has an indoor pool:

The pool is a hybrid freshwater, salt water and tears pool. His pool guy, Eduardo says, “the tears help him replenish his own tear ducts. And he can tell people he cried a pool full of tears for his mistakes.”

We tried to get Franco to show us more of the compound but he broke down sobbing and screamed, “What’s going to happen to my career?!” As we were escorted out the last thing we heard was Willem Dafoe yelling back at Franco, “I was in Triple X: State of the Union! Even Vin Diesel was smart enough to turn that turd down!”

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