Indians Upset at Cultural Appropriation of TeePees

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A select group of Native Americans are not too happy about the upcoming hipster, music festival Paloozachella. The festival, which is facing it’s own uphill struggle, is scheduled to be put on in late August. In addition to the various band performances the festival will feature several ‘Native themed’ booths. Some booths including one that is offering official bravery warrior face paint, another rents Tee Pees for $12.95 a night and a food wagon will be serving “Scalped” Redskin Potatoes with a choice of Sitting Bouillon Soup or Savage Soybean Salad. We stopped by the local chapter to have a pow wow with it’s leader.

“I’m f*ckin’ pissed! They didn’t even give me a chance to wet my beak… and it’s offensive to our fine culture and proud people!” said Ernie Sanchez, who is, self proclaimed, one sixteenth Paiute Indian and the leader of the National Native Americans: Pacoima Chapter.

“This cultural appropriation is an outrage!”

When asked what else their group does to protect the great Native American culture Sanchez responded with, “Eh, there’s only 4 of us so we usually just get together and make fun of the the outfits the bitches wear on The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.”

After a 30 minute rant on Kim Richards and a few vapes from his Electronic-Peace-Pipe® Sanchez veered back on point and screamed,  “This cultural appropriation is an outrage! Mark my words, right after we watch Vanderpump Rules, we plan on spending the rest of the night rain dancing like some mother f*ckers so we can ruin their stupid concert!”

Kim Richards was unavailable for comment

Kim Richards was unavailable for comment

Ernie told us to offer the Prime Rib special at Ernie’s Smoke & Gamble Shack to anyone who mentions this article.

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