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Donald Trump Can Shutdown The Government With One Push Of A Button! - Melmac News

Donald Trump Can Shutdown The Government With One Push Of A Button!

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Washington, D.C. – You may recall President Donald Trump responding at North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a tweet about having a nuclear button on his desk by tweeting, “…I too have a Nuclear Button, but it is a much bigger & more powerful one than his, and my Button works!”

The presence of a button on Trump’s desk in the Oval Office was revealed last year. But it is not a nuclear button rather White House Staff claims that Trump asked for a “Coke” button. When they asked for clarification Trump responded by doing a racist impression of an African-American crackhead for ten minutes to which the stunned staffers stared in disbelief. After Trump stopped chuckling he finally added, “I mean Diet Coke not cocaine. I am a proud drinker of American soft drinks. I don’t smoke crack. But if I did I would be incredible at it. I want a button to press when I want a Diet Coke.” Staffers have confirmed The Donald drinks at least 12 Diet Cokes a day.

The DC Examiner’s Dave Brown recently tweeted a photo of the “Coke button” during an Oval Office visit in April.

With the possibility of a government shutdown staffers noticed that Trump hand scrawled a note next to the ‘button’ and started taunting the television whenever Senator Chuck Schumer (D-NY) appeared, “I dare you Schumey-Baby – I will press this button!” A photo of the button has been leaked to the press:
The White House has confirmed the button doesn’t do anything and whispered, “Don’t tell Trump that. He thinks whatever he writes on a piece of paper and puts next to the button will make it do just that.” At the time of this report Donald Trump was reportedly writing ‘SHOW ME BOOBS’ on a piece of paper.
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