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Stunning: AOC Shows Her Commitment To Going Green, Vows To Only Travel By Rickshaw

Washington, D.C. – In a beautiful display of saving our planet, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY) announced that she is going to reduce her carbon footprint and only travel by rickshaw.

“Powerful. Courageous. A bold move to finally put an end fossil-fuel killing automobiles.” declared every reporter.

“She got the idea when she was forced to wait 20 minutes to charge her Tesla.” an insider close to the representative said. “There has to be a better way she screamed. Then the idea struck when she looked up and saw her gardener pushing a wheel barrel.”

“My first idea was horseback.” The Democrat explained during an Instagram Live session. “But I realized, my horse needs to be free. I should see him as an equal and not a subservient. So now my horse also travels by rickshaw!”

“Are you concerned with the optics of seeing a masked person struggling to pull a rickshaw?” an Instagram user asked AOC.

“This is the trick people use all the time, right?” she responded. “They try to flip the optics. But what about the millions of jobs this will create? Rickshaws don’t pull themselves you know! I have a trip planned to The Hamptons and my rickshaw driver stands to make some pretty good money!”

Uber has announced that they are working on adding an option called Rickshaw Elite.

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