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To Go Along With New ‘Pregnant Man’ Emoji Apple Introduces ‘Deadbeat Mom’ Emoji

Silicon Valley, CA – An inclusive “pregnant man” emoji is finally coming to Apple iPhones with its latest update, along with an even more inclusive ‘deadbeat mom’ emoji in order to include more inclusivity. 

“Men can get pregnant people!” A representative from the Emoji Consortium explained. “And moms can be deadbeat dads too. It’s about trans-equality! I know plenty of men who went out for a pack of smokes and never came home that now identify as women. So they should be called deadbeat moms. It just makes sense!” She added, whilst clapping in-between every word.

The announcement of the ‘deadbeat mom’ emoji has some concerned that maybe we should shame deadbeat dads instead of removing the stigma of child abandonment.

“Being a deadbeat shouldn’t be gender-specific.” The rep asserted. “With this new emoji we hope to break the deadbeat-glass-ceiling for good! And show every trans-women who have abandoned their babies that they’re not alone.”

More upcoming ‘inclusive’ Emoji’s include:

  • Woman Wearing A Condom
  • Women With An Adam’s Apple
  • Women With Stage 4 Prostate Cancer
  • Women With A Concussion From Playing Tight-end For The Pittsburgh Stealers
  • Man Peeing While Sitting Down
  • Man Asking Someone For A Tampon Because He ‘Just Started’
  • Man Faking An Orgasm
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