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To Go Along With New Pregnant Man Emoji Apple Introduces Deadbeat Mom Emoji

Silicon Valley, CA – In years past, the Emoji Unicode Consortium has added a woman with a beard, a transgender flag and over 200 mixed-skin-tone options to reflect a more diverse community. Now, in an effort to include more inclusivity, the developers have unveiled a ‘Pregnant Man’ emoji to depict trans-pregnancies and a ‘Deadbeat Mom‘ emoji.

“Mom’s can be deadbeat losers too!” Susan Talbert, a representative from the Consortium, said at a recent press conference. “If dad’s can go out for a pack of smokes and never come home then why can’t moms? It’s about equality people!” She added whilst clapping in-between every word.

“What do you say to those who think we should shame deadbeat dads instead of removing the stigma of child abandonment?” One stupid reporter asked before being shouted out of the room by other reporters.

“Men have held the deadbeat mantle for too long!” Talbert asserted. “With this emoji, the rise of reality TV ratings and what we call, the ‘ho-acceptance-movement,’ we hope to break the deadbeat-glass-ceiling for good! So get out there an abandon your kids, ladies!”

Talbert ended the press conference by revealing more upcoming ‘inclusive’ Emoji’s:

  • Woman Wearing A Condom
  • Women With An Adam’s Apple
  • Women With Stage 4 Prostate Cancer
  • Women With A Concussion From Playing Tight-end For The Dallas Cowboys

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