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CONTROVERSIAL: New iPhone Emojis To Represent A More Diverse Culture

Cupertino, CA – Following the release of the new iPhone X in November, user complaints have been flooding the message boards regarding the shocking lack of new emojis added to the system. Leading up to the debut, Apple executives had promised an exciting lineup of images that would be sure to “represent a broad range of feelings, faces and facets of life.” Instead, what consumers got was an emoji of a red scarf and a freshly baked pie amongst other duds:

A few of the “exciting” new emojis include a hat. A bowl. And that weird thing you use in curling.

Some Twitter users let Apple know they weren’t happy with lack of dietary options:

Another Twitter user took a shot at Apple’s use of low-wage workers:

With discrimination and race tension at an all-time high, people really expected Apple to solve this problem with wide range of emojis that would reflect every single unique circumstance. Joseph Reber of Tomball Texas, a deep sea fisherman who lost both of his arms during a bar fight, was extremely disappointed with the new emojis. The 2 “likes” his personal Facebook speaks volumes:

The negative backlash sparked a rapid release of 12 new, “more inclusive” emojis to be revealed next month. Execs handpicked an all-star creative team filled with a diverse group, excluding straight white males, to front the project. They included design input from big name celebrities like Cardi B and Marli Matlin. Here is a look at some of the new rumored icons:

Rumored Emojis: Clapping hooks hands. A female football player with severe CTE. A chihuahua who has wheels for legs.
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