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Disney World Guests Complain They Can See Joe Biden’s Marionette Strings In Hall Of Presidents Attraction

Anaheim, CA – Walt Disney World has received numerous complaints from guests who have spotted marionette strings manipulating Joe Biden at the popular attraction, The Hall of Presidents.

The attraction, located in Liberty Square, features the current and past presidents brought to life using state-of-the-art animatronic technology.

“After studying the president for weeks we felt that our advance animatronic technology was too realistic,” a lead Imagineer explained. “We decided to go with marionette technology when it seemed obvious that someone else was pulling the strings and Biden clearly has no idea what’s going on.”

Disney Imagineers then spent months putting the final touches on Marionette Biden and claimed the hardest part was to capture the lifeless look in his eyes. “We tried everything, coal, dolls eyes…until we finally settled on just leaving them as empty eye sockets.” An imagineer excitedly added.

A source close to the most Magical Place on Earth revealed that they have noticed the Biden puppet beginning to slump so they plan on adding a box that says “media’ to prop him up.

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