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Fox Sports Animated Mascot, Cleatus, Confirms “They/Them” Pronouns

Los Angeles, CA – “Cleatus the Robot”, the CGI-animated character that serves as the official mascot for Fox NFL Sunday, has just revealed their pronouns as “They/Them/We.”

“I know there has been a lot of rumors regarding my gender.” The CGI mascot declared in an Instagram Live video. “I’ve suppressed my truth for too long. But not anymore bitches!” The video ended with Cleatus ripping the head off another animated robot then doing a touchdown victory dance for 10 minutes.

“Stunning. Brave. Courageous. Lionhearted. Heroic. Daring. And all those other words.” An ESPN commentator said before running out of synonyms.

The lead animator who helped to create Cleatus claimed that gender was never discussed when the mascot was being designed. “The topic was never brought up. They said draw a robot that played football.” The designer disclosed. “Honestly, I assumed Cleatus was a guy since most football players are dudes.”

The animator has since deleted his Twitter account and has gone into hiding after an online mob attacked him for “assuming Cleatus’ gender.”

Because of this news, Fox Sports has signed the animated mascot to a multi-million dollar contract. As of this report several other mascots such as, The Noid and Captain Crunch, have all come out as “gender non-conforming individuals.”

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