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Kamala Harris Appears On The View To Maintain Her Un-Likability

New York City, NY – The White House has confirmed that the Vice President’s recent appearance on The View was done to specifically boost to her un-likability quotient.

“We knew we had to make a drastic move when recent polling data showed that most Americans either had an unfavorable opinion of her or no opinion at all.” A Washington insider revealed. “This wasn’t acceptable. We need her to be hated by 100% of Americans!”

The White House chose ABC’s The View because it has been infuriating the country for years with its insufferable, petty hosts bickering about entertainment and politics.

“It was the perfect fit because the more disdain there is for Kamala, then the more President Biden can appear somewhat capable.” A democrat strategist explained. “If American’s are too busy thinking about Kamala’s annoying laugh, then they’re too busy to worry about why Biden can’t operate a pair of pants!” The strategist gleefully added.

With the border crisis and food shortages plaguing the current administration, Kamala Harris is already scheduled to go grocery shopping and use the 10 Item or Less line with 15 items.

As of this report Harris was spotted in the park pushing her dog in a stroller and referring to it as her “fur baby”.

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