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HEARTWARMING: Husband Surprises Wife With Flowers And Box Of Rapid COVID Tests For Valentine’s Day

Seattle, WA – Like most men during Valentine’s Day Donald Callaway struggled to find the perfect gift for his wife Susan, to show her just how much it cares.

“Normally I’d get her a gift that I’d enjoy like lingerie or a vacuum.” Callaway proudly explained. “But this year I decided to do something most men don’t do, listen and try to get her something I know she wants.”

Neighbors reported a scream of delight as Susan opened the special gift to reveal a box containing 3 government issued Rapid-COVID tests. “I wanted to go over and see what the commotion was.” A nosey neighbor confided. “But I know that even though Susan is triple vaxxed and double boosted, she’s still terrified of COVID. So I just stared at them from outside their bedroom window.”

It’s reported that Susan administered all three tests, one after the other, which all came back negative. “She put on her sexiest hazmat outfit and went outside for 10 minutes before screaming, ‘I can literally see the COVID‘.” Donald added. “She ran inside and doused herself in Purell. She’s so brave.” He beamed proudly.

Donald spent the rest of evening waiting outside for Postmates to deliver a romantic meal. By the time he was done disinfecting the food, showering and burning his clothes Susan was fast asleep.

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