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John Cena Apologizes in 12 different languages for starring in the movie ‘The Marine’

HOLLYWOOD, CA- John Cena, the professional wrestler and a star of “F9,” apologized to fans in China after he referred to Taiwan as a country while giving a promotional interview. Cena apologized was in Mandarin. Now, in a bold move Cena has taken to Twitter to apologize for the 2006 action movie The Marine, which currently sits at an abysmal 20% on Rotten Tomatoes.

“It was early in my career and I needed the money.” Cena said in Spanish, Hindi, Arabic, Bengali, Portuguese and a few other languages. “The script sucked, the director had never directed anything else before and the dude that ran craft services was a real douche. I should have known my agent screwed me when they hired Kelly Clarkson from American Idol to play my wife.”

When questioned as to why he apologized in so many different languages Cena said, “I want to cover all bases because I know how terrible that movie is on so many levels,” he added, “thnak God we don’t have to issue any refunds because everyone who saw the movie is too embarrassed to admit it.”

At the time of this report John Cena was seen learning ‘Kling-On’ so he could apologize for the 2020 movie Dolittle.

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