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LeVar Burton Cancelled As Host Of Jeopardy After Unearthed Footage Shows The Sighted Actor Playing A Blind Man

Culver City, CA – Jeopardy!, which has been struggling to find a host, has fired potential replacement LeVar Burton after newly released footage shows the actor playing a blind character. The unearthed footage is from a 1980s science fiction show called Star Trek which featured a fictional character named Geordia La Forge who was blind since birth.

Protesters gathered outside Sony Studios in Culver City, where the gameshow films, to voice their concern after it was revealed by someone on Twitter that Burton is not, nor has ever been, blind.

“Hollywood, stop whitewashing the marginalized! LeVar Burton is a no good insensitive ableist!” Several protesters screamed.

“Why didn’t he let a truly blind person play the role? Like, Stevie Wonder, or Ray Charles…or… uh, those are the only black blind people I know!” A concerned advocate blurted out.

“We don’t say blind anymore, we use the term vision impaired.” Another protester interjected.

“I believe the phrase is ocularly challenged!” A blue haired woman argued.

“Don’t pander the blind! Those words insinuate that having sight is better! We are all equal!” A man wailed while attempting to scoop out his eyes with a melon-baller.

The protest came to an end when several of the vigilantes’ mothers came to pick them up bringing orange slices and juice boxes.

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