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Liberals Call For The Cancellation Of A Podcast They Never Listen To

Twitter, Online – The hashtags #DeleteSpotify and #ByeSpotify have been trending on Twitter because Liberals are screaming mad about The Joe Rogan Experience podcast, which they claim “spreads misinformation”, even though the majority of them admit to have never listened to a single episode.

“I’ve never heard of the show,” one person tweeted. “But it doesn’t matter because Brian Stelter from CNN told me it’s bad. Good enuf for me.”

“I heard that Joe Rogan thinks Cancel Culture is real, when we know it’s a myth made up by the right wing media,” another tweeted. “We’ll show him that it’s a myth by cancelling him!”

Another said: “I believe Joe Rogaine is the inventor of Rogaine. Which is supposed to be the #1 dermatologist recommended brand for thinning hair??? Uh…Joe is bald!! #CancelSpotify.”

“I actually used to like Rogan when he made people guzzle donkey fluid on Fear Factor,” a user added. “But now he has the audacity to have a different opinion than me?! Disgusting! #ByeSpotify”

“Would you rather live in a cuddly warm and safe world?” A user questioned. “Or a scary world where people get to say mean things to you because of free speech? That’s what I thought! #JoeRoganIsAJerk.”

“Rogan spreads misinformation!” A tweet explained. “Sidenote: Why is it ‘miss‘information?? Does that word need to be gender specific!? #CancelJoeRogan #WhereIsMisterInformation.”

Spotify is still hosting the popular podcast even after musician Neil Young came out against the streaming giant. A Spotify representative who was asked about the issue responded with, “Who’s Neil Young?”

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