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Local Man Horrified To Discover His Wife Saw A Movie They Promised To Watch Together

Greensboro, NC – Frank Lipowitz had been planning on watching the new Marvel movie Black Widow with his wife, Susan, when he was hit with a stunning revelation that would change his life forever.

“I told my wife I had purchased move tickets for Black Widow this Friday because we watch every Marvel movie together.” Frank said to an insider close to the couple. “That’s when she asked me to have a seat because she had some terrible news.”

Susan explained to Frank that she had already seen the movie earlier in the day with their daughter while they were at the mall shopping. “It just happened. I’m so sorry.” she was heard saying through muffled tears as Frank sat in stunned silence.

“The love of my life and my own child betrayed me. I can’t even look them in the eyes.” Frank muttered to a friend as he sat alone caressing a bottle of Jim Beam bourbon.

It’s been reported that Susan had offered to see the movie again with her husband but as anyone who’s been a victim of this type of spousal abuse knows – it’s just not the same.

“Frank considers himself a survivor and refuses to let this incident define him.” The close friend added.

As of today Frank still has yet to see Black Widow and his ex-wife and daughter have been living on the streets.