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Proud Moment: Man Concerned With Privacy Replaces Twitter With TikTok, “My Personal Data Should Be Sold By People I Trust.”

Ephraim, WI – Over concerns with how his personal data is being used a local man has boldly replaced his Twitter account with TikTok after he discovered that Tesla CEO Elon Musk purchased Twitter for 44 billion dollars.

“I just don’t trust a person with a weird name and that kind of money.” He reportedly said to his wife. “Sure, TikTok is owned by some Chinese dude named Zhang Yiming but we can trust the Chinese. When have they ever given us reason not to?” He questioned.

His wife brought up TikTok’s dozens of lawsuits alleging that the popular video-sharing app harvests personal data, including facial recognition technology, without consent. She then informed her husband that TikTok reportedly sells this data to third-parties, some based in China. She followed this up with her concerns regarding the possible Wuhan Virology lab leak in China where COVID-19 first originated.

Before the man could respond they were both distracted by a hilarious 10-second video of a cat being startled by a cucumber.

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