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Man Wearing ‘Gimp Outfit’ Confirms The Gay Pride Parade is ‘Kid Friendly’

West Hollywood, CA – At a recent press conference the president of the LGBTQ welcoming committee, Frank Lambert, said he hopes to see children of all ages join the festivities at the Gay Pride Parade in West Hollywood this year.

“We want to be more inclusive to children and let everyone know the Pride Parade is now family friendly!” He continued, “This year we’ve added a cotton candy machine, a bounce house and our glory-hole bathrooms have Spider-man baby wipes!”

Lambert said they made changes from last year after a few snafus. “Last year we had some children accidentally walk into a ball-pit which is much different than it sounds. But this year 90% of the balls are the plastic ones you see at McDonalds!” he exclaimed.

When pressed on the various phallic shaped bounce houses he retorted, “You see what you want to see.” He proceeded to hand out ‘Kids 12 and Under Get In Free’ coupons.

“Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to move out of the sun. My leather strap-on is chaffing.” Lambert whispered as he sauntered out of the press conference.

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