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Muppets New Special: “Fozzy” Teaches Children The Repercussions Of Not Getting Vaccinated

Hollywood, CA – The Muppets are releasing a new holiday special for Thanksgiving showing the horrors of what can happen if you refuse the Covid-19 vaccination.

“Children need to know the reality of their selfish behavior.” Muppets Studio CEO, Lisa Henson, explained. “In this special Fozzy The Bear falls down an alt-right YouTube rabbit hole, becomes an anti-vaxxer, refuses the jab, then transmits Covid to Cookie Monster who dies alone outside a crowded hospital. In the end Fozzy’s friends and family enjoy a delicious turkey feast leaving him outside in the frozen tundra. It’s very true to life.”

Henson’s hope is that seeing Fozzy’s rotten ice-corpse will encourage self-centered children under 8 years-old to reconsider their anti-vaxx stance and “listen to the science.”

“Fear is a great motivator to teach children about consequences.” A child psychologist divulged. “If you don’t clean your room you get spanked. If you don’t get vaccinated you kill grandma. It’s exactly the same thing.”

The special, produced by PBS and Pfizer, also introduces a new character called Booster Billy who shows up periodically to shove a needle in your arm. Booster Billy is the first non-binary trans-muppet who identifies as a syringe.

The Muppets Studio has already begun working on their next special for Christmas: Miss Piggy Visits Planned Parenthood.

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