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To Prepare For Covid Surge Nurses Begin Choreographing New Hospital Dance Routines

Studio City, CA – In an undisclosed hip-hop studio nurses from around the world are gathered to prepare their TikTok dance routines for the upcoming Covid Surge.

“And a…five, six, seven, eight!” Choreographer, Wade Freedman, was heard screaming to a room full of nurses wearing hospital scrubs and ‘hammer pants’ over Britney Spears’ ‘I’m A Slave 4 You‘. “Stop, stop stop! It’s twist, ball & chain, snap your hips, hold, plié. Not plié and hold, you morons!”

“When Covid first hit we weren’t prepared at all. We had no dance moves and most of the nurses didn’t even know the difference between tippy-top and tippity-top.” Said Cedars-Sinai Chief Nursing Officer, Anita Girard.”The world relies on our Insta-boomerangs to heal.”

Kaiser Permanente School Of Medicine internship program now requires eight hours viewing time of the popular dance show So You Think You Can Dance. “Unless they’re actively removing a catheter, or something gross like that, they better be watching TikTok to stay up on the latest, hottest, freshest trends.” A health instructor added, “We will not be caught with our dance-pants down again.”

When asked about a gunshot victim who bled out while waiting for the nurses to finish up their “Yah Trick Yah” dance challenge Nurse Girard responded, “We have it on good authority that the patient died with a smile on their face.”

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