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Pfizer Introduces Daily Chewable Flintstones Vaccine For Kids

Manhattan, NY – In an effort to expand the vaccine to new born infants Pfizer has developed a gummy vaccine in three delicious flavors kids love.

“Babies cry when they get shots and that’s why we decided to partner with Flintstones Vitamins to create an easier option for parents.” CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla, said at a press conference.

“Our team of pediatricians attempted various methods to get our test babies to take the vaccine. They tried the “spoon is an airplane/mouth is a hanger” bit complete with airplane sounds fx but that idea was batted down…literally!” Bourla added with a chuckle.

When asked if he was concerned that anti-vax babies might refuse to eat the gummy’s Bourla screamed, “Babies don’t have rights! They’re babies!”

Pfizer recommends your baby take one chewable vaccine daily until the age of 34 years old, in addition to staying masked 24 hours a day and never leaving the home to best mitigate the threat of Covid-19.

PetCo has also announced their new “Baby’s 1st Muzzle” which will be available next month for parents struggling with toddlers who refuse to wear a mask.

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