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Samsung User Accidentally Clicks “Always” instead of “Just Once” When Opening App

Tampa, FL – Susan Lambert, 36-year-old mother of two, was heading home after a long day of shopping when tragedy struck. “I was opening up a photo of a cat when my phone gave me a choice,  “Gallery” or “Photos”. I choose “Photos” as I always do and that’s…sob…when it happened.” She uttered at a recent press conference. “My phone gave me the option, Just Once or Always, my thumb slipped and I accidentally clicked… Always! Oh Gawd!”

The pool of reporters gasped at this revelation with one young cub reporter exclaiming, “What a scoop!”

“I’m terrified. I don’t think I’ll ever see that other app again. What happens the next time I want to use the app? Where did it go? I don’t even remember the name of it!” she frantically said as she pounded away at her “notes” app thinking she was in the settings. “These phones are so dumb!”

Newly released security footage of the incident shows Lambert at Chili’s with several concerned onlookers gathered around trying to help. “We were all helpless because we all have iPhones. We’re not familiar with how poor-people-phones work.” Said one good samaritan who had attempted to console a frustrated Lambert.

After the press conference Lambert was spotted outside pan handling for an iPhone.

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