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Spotify Announces It Will Replace Joe Rogan With Baby Yoda After Remembering He Hosted Fear Factor

Tatooine, Outer Rim – The popular music streaming service Spotify has announced that they are replacing controversial podcast host Joe Rogan after a series of distributing things have come to light.

“If we had known what Joe Rogan had done, we would have never hired him.” Spotify CEO, J.R. Spotify said at a press conference. “Once we realized that he hosted Fear Factor…for SEVEN seasons we cut ties. That’s where we drew the line!”

Fear Factor was a reality show that aired on NBC (2001-2006) in which contestants competed in disgusting food challenges, such as eating reindeer testicles or drinking eggnog.

“And if that’s not gross enough,” Spotify continued. “I inadvertently caught a glimpse of his horrifying acting on the sitcom ‘News Radio‘ while watching MeTV last night. I’m in shock.”

“But we are exited to announce a new host.” Spotify excitedly shared. “We have just signed a contract with the star of The Mandalorian— Baby Yoda, or Groku for the true fans.” He then added. “Everyone loves Baby Yoda. Plus no one can understand what he’s saying so, unlike Rogan, there is absolutely no way someone can dig into lil’ Groku’s past to find anything controversial.”

As of this report Baby Yoda is taking heat for an old Tweet in which he exclaimed that, “Trans-Ewoks are still Wookies.”

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