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Thousands Of Americans Stranded In Supermarket Line Waiting For Joe Biden To Write A Check

Williamsport, IN- Americans were stranded for hours behind President Joe Biden at a local Kroger waiting for him to write a check for $4.32, sources say.

Reports confirm the delay began when the commander-in-cheif carried on a 45 minute conversation with the cashier about “kids today and their technology.”

“Biden then went on an hour tirade because the store refused to accept an expired coupon from Jiffy Lube.” A friend close to the cashier confided, “Just when they thought it was over, he reached into his trousers and pulled out the one thing all Americans fear most.”

“A checkbook? You’ve got to be kidding me!” A local man stuck behind the president was heard groaning, “My ice cream is melting!”

Another delay occurred when the secret service realized the only writing utensil Biden had was a crayon. Eventually, after he spelled his name wrong a few times, the president was successfully able to write the check to a cheering crowd.

As of this report, the store confirmed that the check bounced due to insufficient funds which CNN blamed on the Republicans.

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