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Study Reveals Men Click On Pictures of Boobs!

DOLLYWOOD, TN- More than 40 years after its birth, we are finally beginning to understand the internet. Scientists have concluded that men are more likely to click on pictures of women’s breasts, then they are to notice your Facebook post about “that bitch” that you don’t like in the office.

Experts have been working on this subjects for years, with many of their wives noting, “Why have you been in the bathroom for so long?!” The lead scientist said that the study required “quite a bit of hands on work.” And after “he was able to come up for air” was quoted as saying:

Wait. We’re doing a study on what now?

The scientist stated that if you want people to open up your stupid Facebook invites to a lame club you’re DJ’ing at then “put a big ol’ pair of knockers on the cover of the invite…”

“We can’t wait to see what the future holds for boobs,” the scientist added as he furiously clicked on Snapchat photos, “Or what boobs we can hold in the future!”

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