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For Pride Month: Taco Bell Changes Slogan To “Think Inside The Buns”

Irvine, CA – Popular Mexican fast food chain, Taco Bell, has officially changed their slogan from “Think Outside the Bun” to “Think Inside The Buns” this month to honor the LGBTQ+IA community.

“While most companies are merely pandering by adding a rainbow to their logo we thought that by changing our slogan we could pander just a little more. Did I say pander? I meant honor.” Taco Bell CEO Julie Marino announced at a press conference. “We want the idea of two men making passionate love to be synonymous with a Cheesy Beeferito.” She added.

“We’re also honoring lesbians with our new Munchwrap Supreme which is made by combining two tacos.” Marino explained. “Taco Bell has long known about the freedom to express yourself anyway you want because our food has identified as edible for years. Plus we have always championed gender fluidity. I mean, nothing causes more gender fluids than polishing off a two Beefy Gordita Crunch‘s with extra Fire Sauce at 2am. Am I right?”

“She’s doing a bit!” One reporter yelled from the back of the room. “Their lifestyle is not your punchline!” Another reported heckled right before a flashlight was shined from the back of the room which queued Marion to leave the podium.

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