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Whoopi Explains She Can’t Be Antisemitic Because Her Last Name Is Goldberg

New York, NY – Whoopi Goldberg, one of the hosts of ABCs The View, claims she gets a pass on antisemitism due to her last name and rich Jewish heritage.

“It’s just so silly. I mean, look at my last name, man.” She explained on the most recent show. “Goldberg! That’s like the most Jewish name ever. So I’m allowed to say things like, the Holocaust was not about race, rather it was white on white crime. It’s like how black people can sing along to rap music in public. Same thing!”

The other hosts of the show attempted to jump in and explain to Whoopi that her comments can easily be viewed as bigoted.

“How can I be racist!” Goldberg interrupted. “Most of my friends are Jews! My accountant, my business advisor, my agent…I could go on!”

ABC has announced that they will not be firing Goldberg because, although her statement was in fact racist, it still falls in line with their corporate Critical Race Theory training.

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