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Wyld Stallyns Join List Of Rock Legends That Have Removed Their Music From Spotify Because Of Joe Rogan

San Dimas, CA – Legendary rock band Wyld Stallyns have joined Neil Young and Joni Mitchell and pulled their music from the music service Spotify due to podcast host Joe Rogan’s alleged spreading of falsehoods about COVID-19.

The Wyld Stallyns are a rock band that consists of members Bill S. Preston, Esq and Theodore (Ted) Logan, III. They are best known for using a time-traveling phone booth to have a most excellent adventure.

“Hello dudes and babes.” Bill announced at a press conference. “In an effort to stay relevant, I mean– stop misinformation, we are pulling our music from Spotify.”

“We are rock-loving slackers,” Ted added. “But according to our latest box office numbers it seems you all slacked on our 2020 movie; Bill & Ted Face The Music. Totally bogus dudes!”

“Strange things are afoot with our paychecks.” Bill interrupted. “So hopefully we can bandwagon on whatever people are upset about this week and get some VOD rentals for our flick!”

“We were told to read this.” Ted said as he pulled out a crumpled Post-It note. “We have met some amazing historical dudes during our travels and if theres one thing we learned; it’s that too much knowledge hurts your brain. Spotify, get rid of Joe Rogan. In closing, be excellent to each other by getting vaccinated. And all blessings go to the most triumphant Dr. Fauci!”

Bill & Ted then ended with an air guitar while simultaneously yelling,”Most importantly, party on, dudes! Just do it safely. Six feet apart whilst staying masked-up. That’s rock-n-roll!”

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