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Wikipedia Updates Definition Of The Word ‘Woman’ To A Blank Page

San Fransisco, CA – After the recent uproar over Supreme Court nominee Ketanji Brown Jackson not being able to define the word “woman,” Wikipedia has taken action and updated their definition to a blank page.

“Every definition we tried was problematic. So as of now the page states the truth, ‘we have no idea.'” Wikipedia CEO, Katherine Maher, explained. “I know that I’m woman because I have boobs and…oh wait. Some men have boobs. See what I mean! It’s not that easy to define.”

Wikipedia confirmed that they are working with a team of biologists to try and come up with a clear definition.

“Woman used to mean an adult female. But then we have to ask, ‘what is a female?'” Maher emphatically added. “It’s not about giving birth because I know five dudes that gave birth last year. Wait. So, what is a dude? Oh man – looks like we’re going to have to remove a few more words.”

As of this report Wikipedia has removed the definitions of the following words: Babe, Chick Broad, Dame, Bird, Dude, Bro, Homie, Stud and Slut.

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