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CNN+ Saved! Rebrands Itself As LIBS OF CNN

Atlanta, GA – CNN’s troubled news application CNN+ which has struggled to gain subscribers has been shielded from shutting down due to savvy rebranding.

“We’re saved!” CNN Head Of Programming excitedly shared. “We realize the only way to save CNN+ is to do what other successful companies are doing – make fun of liberals. So we launched LIBS OF CNN and we’ve already surpassed our initial growth estimates.”

“We’re also saving a ton of money by not creating new content.” CNN’s CFO explained. “We saw what the Twitter account Libs Of TikTok was doing and thought – we have the dumbest takes on earth! We have so many hilarious clips of Don Lemon, Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer reporting “reliable” news. Oh, and we got some classic Chris Cuomo hypocrisy! I’m laughing already!”

MSNBC has taken it a step further and just changed the name of their network to LIBS OF MSNBC.

As of this report Elon Musk has already made an offer to purchase the highly successful LIBS OF CNN app for a billion dollars.

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