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After Hours Of Explaining A Joke To His Wife; Husband Finally Realizes It Wasn’t Funny

Austin, TX – After a valiant attempt of trying to explain why a joke is funny to his wife, a frustrated man has finally given up and declared, “You’re right honey. This joke just isn’t funny.”

Jacob’s wife of six years, Susan, reportedly walked into the room after hearing her husband laughing at a meme posted on Reddit. When he showed it to her, she exclaimed, “I don’t get it,” and that’s when the trouble began.

“At first he was afraid to explain the joke because everyone knows when you explain a joke, it ceases to be funny.” A source close to couple disclosed. “But his hubris got the best of him and he veered into mansplaining.” After four hours of assuring her it was funny, Jacob began to question everything.

Neighbors said they could hear Susan repeatedly say, “It’s just not funny.” Eventually Jacob was convinced and fell to the ground sobbing, “Do I even know what funny is? Has my whole life been a lie?”

Friends report the one thing Susan loved about Jacob was his sense of humor and without that, she has no reason to stay with him, unless he seeks help.

As of this report, Jacob has vowed to “do better” at what he deems funny and he’s promised to spend the next few days watching Call me Kat starring Mayim Bialik to re-educate himself on what ‘funny’ is.

UPDATE: The writer of this article has just confirmed his wife doesn’t think it’s funny.

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