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CNN Currently Airing Brian Stelter Silently Staring Into Camera Because There Is Nothing To Report

New York, NY – For the past hour CNN has made the bold decision to air Reliable News host Brian Stelter staring into the camera not saying a word because, “there is no news to report.”

As Fox News and other outlets air live coverage of the Kyle Rittenhouse ‘Not Guilty’ verdict, CNN has opted to let its viewers know that there is absolutely and unequivocally no news going on that is worth reporting.

An insider close to the news station has confirmed that CNN’s viewers prefer to stay safe and warm in their bubble where they won’t experience dangerous things like, “free thought,” and, “other people’s opinions.”

“At first I was confused,” a viewer shared. “But then realized that there must really be some really bad things happing that doesn’t align with my political beliefs. So I plan on sitting here and staring into the cold, dead eyes of Mr. Brian Stelter until it’s all over.”

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