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President Biden Mistakes South African President at G7 Summit For Nigerian Prince That Owes Him Money

Falmouth, England – President Joe Biden, once again, embarrassed himself at the G-7 summit when he tackled South African President, Cyril Ramaphosa, and begin shouting, “Where’s that inheritance money? You ain’t no Nigerian Prince! C’mon man!”

President Ramaphosa easily pushed President Biden off of him but was thoroughly confused at this sudden outbreak. Luckily Biden’s wife, Dr. Jill Biden was on hand to shuffle her befuddled husband back to the corner.

“My apologies President Ramaphosa,” Dr. Biden was overheard saying, “Last month old Joe’s bank account was drained by a Nigerian Prince and you guys look…uh…similar.”

Dr. Biden appeared to be referring to a classic email swindle called the Advance-Free Scam that generally targets senile, senior citizens.  Fraudsters lure you in by offering a share of a family fortune, then when you give them your bank account info they drain it dry.  “Don’t worry, Joe’s email privileges have been taken away, so that won’t happen again.” Jill assured the concerned members of the G7 Summit.

At the time of this report Biden was spotted trying to sign up two friends to his Herbalife business and then convince their friends to do the same.  He repeatedly used the phrase “hun”  before his wife explained to him that he had been talking to two potted houseplants for the past hour.

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