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Frontier Airlines Hires Border Patrol Agents On Horseback To Enforce Mask Mandates

Denver, CO – Frontier Airlines has hired former U.S Border Patrol Agents to enforce their strict mask-mandates in an effort to stop unruly passengers and defiant babies.

“We’ve noticed an uptick in customers expressing freedom so we just wanted to remind them who’s really in charge.” Frontier president Barry Biffle announced whilst introducing the new Mask-Enforcing Cowboys.

“In the past we would use duct tape to enforce the mask-mandate.” Biffle excitedly revealed. “Now we use Frontier Justice!

The company then revealed their new name as the cowboys shot off their guns in the air. The budget airline said they’ve already seen dramatic success during a few test runs.

“One minute I’m trying to open my gluten free bag of pretzels,” a recent Frontier passenger said. “The next minute I’m getting a hoof to the face! I’ll never remove my mask as long as I live!”

Rival company, Spirit Airlines has also begun testing out the use of Dementors from Harry Potter as mask-enforcers.

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