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This Memorial Day Weekend Obama Reminds Americans To Remember George Floyd

Washington, D.C. – In a recent tweet former president Barack Obama reminded Americans to never forget what Memorial Day is all about – George Floyd.

“Sure millions of American soldiers…have given their lives to fight for, umm, freedom,” Obama clarified with his classic cadence on full display. “Uhhhhhhhh, but the real hero is George Floyd who, uhhh, was tragically murdered while battling years of oppression at the, umm, hands of the British.”

Obama then revealed a large George Floyd mural that now adorns the Veteran’s Wall in Washington, D.C.

“Listen. I know a lot of Americans are going to be enjoying their, uhhh, ribs this weekend.” Obama continued. “Swimming…in…pools. Or, what have you. Look. The freedoms that America enjoy are, uhhh, unquestionably, owed to the bravery of, uhhh, George Floyd.” He emphatically added to the nods and cheers of reporters.

Obama rhetorically asked: “Do you know who else would want to crack a beer…maybe do some fentanyl with loved ones this weekend? George Floyd! But he can’t. He’s, uhhh, dead. Let’s not, uhhhh, forget the sacrifice he made for us.”

Obama finished his speech by reminding everyone that no matter how much fun black folk have with their white friends this weekend, to always remember that, “white supremacy is the greatest threat to the United States of America.”

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