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Top 5 Mother’s Day Gifts For Dad Now That Men Can Get Pregnant

  1. “It’s Not A Beer Belly!” Apron ($30): Your pops loves to grill now he can BBQ in style without having to answer archaic questions about gender roles.
  2. Monster Truck Rally Tickets ($25): Hopefully your dads water won’t break before the Chi-Town Hustler goes head to head with Grave Digger in a balls-out tug-o-war! Sunday! Sunday! Sunday!
  3. Ammo ($0.23): Mom wasn’t shooting blanks when she knocked up your ol’ man and neither should your dads Springfield XD semi-automatic pistol.
  4. Prostate Exam Coupon (20% Off): Show the man who’s birth canal you shot out of you care by giving him the “rubber-glove of love.”
  5. Cigars ($23.99): Your dad spent nine months pregnant with swollen feet. He’ll appreciate the thoughtfulness as you tell him to take a load off and suck down an oily robusto with a rich draw.
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