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Confused MIT Janitor Accidentally Solves LGBTQ+IAA Equation

Cambridge, MA – A befuddled, old janitor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has accidentally solved the math-problem; LGBTQ+IAA. The letters, which were scrawled on a blackboard outside a classroom, turned out to not be an equation, but rather an acronym for an umbrella term to describe sexuality and gender identity.

“One of the students wrote LGBTQ on the board because it’s pride month.” A professor cleared up. “So when the kids saw what this old man did, they assumed it was homophobic vandalism.”

The janitor, who is currently being brought up on hate-crime charges, claimed he was merely inspired by the 1997 film Good Will Hunting, in which Matt Damon plays a janitor who solves a difficult math-problem on a blackboard. “I hoped that maybe one day people would see that I’m smart too.” The janitor sobbed as he was being hand-cuffed and dragged away.

A few math professors who studied the blackboard confirmed that, although it’s technically not a math-problem, the janitors gibberish answer was 100% correct.

The janitor was last spotted in his jail cell trying to solve for x while staring at the words LATIN-X.

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