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Following Fan Backlash Over CGI Marvel Replaces She-Hulk With Jar-Jar Binks

Hollywood, CA – Marvel has finally responded to internet backlash over the terrible CGI for their new show, She-Hulk: Attorney At Law, by replacing She-Hulk with the bumbling Jar-Jar Binks from Star Wars.

“We realized that we shouldn’t have used Windows 95: Microsoft Paint for the special effects.” The series show runner explained. “Our only hope is that by replacing the terrible CGI with the most hated Star Wars character will confuse fans into thinking this is a great decision.”

So far the change has paid off with one fan Tweeting: “I know Jar-Jar is fictional character from a made up planet, but it’s still nice to see the Gungan race represented in Hollywood. Bravo Marvel! This is what Naboo visibility looks like!”

Another fan praised Marvel’s promotion of body positivity: “I’m sick of seeing good-looking, sexy people on TV. Jar-Jar proves that an ugly, fat, disgusting, goofy loser like myself doesn’t have to change. Maybe one day I’ll have a show on Disney Plus!”

Sources close to Jar-Jar say the Gungan Native is ecstatic to finally have a job. “Meesa in rehab when messa heard dissa news. Messa have child support. Messa no like-a da IRS. Woah! Messaaaaaa!!” He wailed as he tripped over his own tongue.

Disney also confirmed that if the ratings for the new show aren’t strong enough, they already have plans to replace Jar-Jar Binks with Clint Howard.

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