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Joe Biden Brings In Amazon Alexa To Answer Questions At Press Conference

Washington, DC – President Biden has been under scrutiny lately for his refusal to not take any questions after his press conferences so it came as a shock to a room full of reporters yesterday when he announced he would be taking everyone’s questions.

“Listen old friends,” he muttered from the podium at the briefing room in the White House. “It’s just a bunch of malarky that I don’t take questions. Ask as many as you want.” As Biden spoke he pulled out an Amazon Alexa from behind the podium and set it down.

“Remember you have to start your question like this; Hey Apple…no that’s not right. Apple sauce…dammit! Hey corn pop!” Biden yelled at the unresponsive Amazon device. Finally, reporters began to toss out, what FOX News called, softball questions.

“Alexa, what’s the weather?” a New York Times reporter asked. “68 degrees in Washington DC,” Alexa correctly answered as the crowd stood in awe.

“Alexa, set a timer for 20 minutes.” challenged a reporter from the Washington Post. “Alarm set!” Alexa proudly responded to the room full of satisfied journalists.

The conference was brought to a stop when Biden began to shove toast into Alexa and screamed, “How the hell you get cereal out of this damn thing!?”

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