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Sign Language Interpreter’s Head Explodes Trying To Translate Joe Biden’s Speech

Elk Grove Village, IL – In an Elk Grove Village speech promoting his orders for larger businesses to mandate COVID vaccines, Joe Biden’s stumbling lecture caused an ASL interpreter’s head to blow sky high in what doctors are calling “a sudden aneurysm.”

“We’ve never seen anything like this before.” A stunned coroner said. “Brain matter and skull fragments were everywhere!”

The problem began early during the live CNN broadcast as the frustrated sign language interpreter attempted to make sense of the words that came from a clearly confused Biden.

“Also we have Julia Stratton from Ohio, Pennsylvania…not Penn. Not Pennsylvania, that’s where I’m from. Where am I?” Biden stammered. “President Joe is here. Wait I’m president. I’m on television, no – the telephone. C’mon man!”

Biden then became stuck in a stutter for 5 minutes trying to say the word Fort Lauderdale, “Fa-fafa-huh-duh fort fa-da-da-duh…” He screamed.

“That’s when I noticed steam coming out of the interpreter’s ears!” A CNN viewer emphatically observed. “I told my wife–I said, ‘Honey get over here! This poor girls head’s gonna blow!

The White House was quick to attribute the interpreters death to Covid-19.

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