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Car Commercial Under Fire For Highlighting Vehicle Performance Over The Sexual Proclivities Of The Driver

Dearborn, MI – Ford Motor company is taking heat for their latest commercial because it focused on the vehicles performance value instead of what the driver enjoys doing in the bedroom on their own time.

“I need to know if the driver is gay.” One consumer claimed while chugging a Bud Light. “The commercial just highlighted the rack and pinion steering. If you don’t paint the truck rainbow colors how the hell am I supposed to know if it even drives?!”

Protesters gathered outside GMC headquarters to voice their concerns even though the commercial was made by Ford Motor Company. “We plan on staying all night until someone removes the MSRP from commercial and adds the LGBTQ!” One pink-haired protester continued. “As a 2-spirit gay trans-man how am I supposed to know if the wipers will work? Is the truck gay or not?!”

In response to GMC releasing a statement that they plan on reaching out to the LGBTQ+IAA community for better insight, one protester added: “These evil mega corporations need to stay out of what I do in the privacy of my bedroom!”

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