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Twitter Rage: Studio Announces Princess Peach To Be Played By A Banana In New Super Mario Bros Movie

Hollywood, CA – The new Super Mario Bros movie, set to be released in 2023, is under fire after it was revealed that Princess Peach will be played by an old rotten banana.

The casting announcement came on the heels of the already controversial decision to cast actor Chris Pratt, a non-plumbing white person, to play Mario who is an Italian plumber.

“When I see a movie with an Italian dude doing Italian things, like eating pizza, plunging toilets or talking in a funny voice, I want to see an actual Italian do it!” A longtime Nintendo fan exclaimed. “Same goes with things named after fruits. A peach should be played by a peach!”

“Uh, I know plenty of fresh ripe Peaches that would love to play Princess Peach.” An online blogger wrote. “Hollywood erasure is an issue we should not ignore .”

Illumination Entertainment, who is producing the film, has promised to “do better” in a statement issued via Instagram:

“We hear you internet and fully understand that ‘Peach Representation’ is an oft ignored issue in our nations dark history. We can assure you that we saw numerous peaches for the role but it simply came down to the fact that it’s not peach season.”

Some fans of the Japanese video game pointed out the irony that if the studio was really concerned about “freshness” then why would they cast an “old rotten fruit” way past its due date. Other Twitter users praised the the upcoming film for hiring older fruits reminding people of Hollywood’s long time problem with agism.

Twitter has already began to dig up some of the bananas past “controversial” Tweets:

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