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After Twitter Backlash Marvel Updates She-Hulk’s Pronouns To They/Them-Hulk

Burbank, CA – Marvel has updated the title for their new Disney+ series She-Hulk: Attorney at Law after facing severe backlash from outraged fans for its lack of gender-expression diversity.

“We’d like to apologize to the Twitter mob.” Series creator Jessica Gao cautiously announced at a press conference. “In an effort to be more inclusive, She-Hulk is now They/Them-Hulk who identifies as a non-binary earthworm.”

Gao also assured fans hat the new show will remain true to its roots: “They-Hulk will adhere to they’s comic book origins including they’s famous catchphrases. ‘Don’t get they angry, you won’t like they when them is angry!’ and ‘They SMASH!’ Wait. Is it they smash or them smash?” Gao asked several Disney executives standing behind her watching every move.

The press conference came to an abrupt pause as the executives tried to figure out the correct way to use They/Them pronouns for fear of upsetting the mob. After about an hour they came back to the podium, apologized and cancelled themselves.

As of this report They-Hulk has changed them’s pronouns to the even more inclusive Zi/Zer-Hulk.

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