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Whoopi Goldberg: “Slavery Was Not About Race, It Was A Labor Dispute”

New York, NY – Talk show host Whoopi Goldberg has made yet another controversial claim on ABC’s The View that American slavery was not about race but just a labor dispute. This comes on the heels of her stating that the Holocaust was ‘not about race’ rather it was an example of ‘man’s inhumanity to man’.

“I gotta tell you,” Goldberg said on the most recent show. “Most things in history that people think are racist really isn’t, if you think about it. Take for example slavery.”

The rest of the hosts on The View then appeared to brace themselves for another Whoopi hot-take.

“Slavery was really just a labor dispute.” She continued. “One group wanted free labor and the other group wanted to get paid. It’s as simple as that, man. Get educated on it! Now let’s dive into the Armenian genocide because I have some thoughts- .”

The View then immediately cut to black and went to a commercial break. When it returned Goldberg said she was whole heartedly mistaken and deeply apologized for her words.

The show ended with Goldberg announcing that she will be appearing on ‘The Late Show With Stephen Colbert’ to backtrack her apology and double down on her racism.

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