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Hollywood Producer Vows To Have A More Diverse & Inclusive Casting Couch

Hollywood, CA – Sherman Feldstein, a big-time Hollywood producer, has made a promise that the women he coerces into sex for movie roles will now be a more diverse eclectic group of women in their early twenties.

“Race, creed, religion, politics. It’s all good. I will now treat all chicks as equals.” Feldstein, who produced some of the biggest films of 2021, announced at a press conference. “Any woman out there that wants to use my copulating-couch as a launchpad into fame and fortune, hit me up. ALL women are welcome!”

The National Organization for Women (NOW) were on hand to applaud his decision and hoped more Hollywood moguls would do the same. “It’s about equality and breaking these glass ceilings.” A representative rejoiced. “We demand representation for all women to see themselves on the big screen and, as we all know, fame starts at the casting couch.”

“I’m so ashamed at my past intolerance to the chicks I fornicated with on my black leather pull-out.” Feldstein sobbed. “I only focused on blonde white girls that were fresh off the bus from some fly-over state. I will now use my power for good. I’ll bone any actress who wants a role in one of my movies. No more bias! Except, of course, for fat chicks. Oh, and old chicks over 25. That goes without saying. Ladies, hit me up on Zoom so I can see what you look like and we’ll go from there.”

Feldstein was last spotted at Ashley Furniture purchasing a new couch because the stains on his old couch are “triggering to his old prejudiced ways.”

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