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She-Hulk’s Arch Nemesis Finally Revealed: Parallel Parking

Hollywood, CA – Marvel fans are exuberant over the new trailer of Disney+’s upcoming show She-Hulk: Attorney at Law because they finally caught a glimpse of She-Hulks worse enemy: Parallel Parking. 

In the trailer the villain, Titania, robs a jewelry store and is able to escape with time to spare because She-Hulk spends 43 minutes trying to parallel park in a space that is 12 car lengths wide. 

“She-Hulk angry!” Jennifer Walters as She-Hulk screams in anguish. “She-Hulk smash car behind me! Now I miss out on great sale at Lane Bryant which offers cute clothes at affordable prices in my size! AAAARGHHH!” She wails as she leaves a note on the crushed car with her information.

“We want She-Hulk to be relatable to all women.” A source close to show disclosed. “She loves completing an ensemble with the latest shoe and belt combo but also hates parallel parking.” The source added, “In another episode she shrieks, ‘Eeek! A spider, somebody kill it! Oh, wait. That just Peter Parker,’ and her classic line, ‘I may be strongest women on Earth but please help She-Hulk open pickle jar.‘”

As of this report another teaser dropped showing She-Hulk yelling at an employee for refusing to accept an expired Bed, Bath & Beyond coupon.

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