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Jen Psaki: Biden Is Not Concerned With His Disastrous Press Conference Because He’s Already Forgotten It

Washington, D.C. – President Joe Biden’s cognitive health was once again brought into question following his most recent press conference in which he bumbled his way through questions in an odd manner.

“Should Americans worry that Biden may not be mentally fit for office?” A concerned reporter asked press secretary Jen Psaki shortly after the presser.

“Look, all I know the president is 100% not concerned with his performance,” Psaki explained. “And the reason why I know this is because he’s already forgotten it.” Psaki then pointed to Biden who was in the corner of the room yelling at a potted plant to, “pull up its pants and put up its dukes.”

Psaki then proceeded to ask the president a question to prove her point. “Mr. President, my favorite food is pizza. Got that?”

“Pizza. Yeah, man I got that. What’s the big idea?” Biden angrily responded.

“Mr. President, what’s my favorite food?” Psaki asked.

Biden stared blankly off in the distance while clutching his leather folder for a few minutes then yelled, “CornPop, man! He was a bad dude. You now the guy. I wrote the damn bill!” The commander-in-chief then shuffled away whispering something about bran muffins and briefs.

“See what I mean?” Psaki smugly added.

The press conference ended with all of the reporters assured that Biden is the greatest president of all time.

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