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Savvy: Trump Slaps A “Hunter’s Laptop” Sticker On His Safe, Bringing the FBI Investigation To An End

Palm Beach, FL – The FBI has ceased the search of Donald Trump’s Florida home at Mar-a-Lago after they spotted various stickers that said, “Property of Hunter Biden.”

“Move out gentleman! Nothing to see here.” The head agent said to the rest of team. “I know laptops aren’t 2-ton, 6ft tall metal cases – but you can’t be to sure. Pack it up, boys!”

The search, which is part of a criminal investigation into allegedly mishandled classified national security information, is now over and the mainstream media can completely ignore it.

“Nothing to see here,” A CNN host reported as he moved on to the next story about how President Biden’s sons laptop is a right-wing Russia disinformation conspiracy hoax.

As of this report “This belongs to Hunter” stickers were spotted on Trump’s tax returns.

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