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Jussie Smollett Acquitted After Evidence Reveals His Alleged Attackers Crossed State Lines

Chicago, IL – Jussie Smollett, the former “Empire” actor charged with lying to police about an alleged hate crime, is now a free man after his defense team presented clear evidence showing his attackers crossing state lines.

“Vindication is finally ours!” Smollett’s lawyer exclaimed to reporters outside the courtroom. “Everybody knows that you can’t cross state lines!”

“It’s true.” A former trial lawyer and CNN correspondent disclosed. “In the law books, Article 43:Section 8; Waukesha VS Rittenhouse, it states that you are 100% guilty as soon as you cross state lines.”

A surveillance photo of the Osundairo brothers’ car, whom Smollett said attacked him, shows the pair breaking the law by visibly driving over a line in the ground that says STATE LINE.

A witness to the trial explained that the judge took one look at the photo, slammed his gavel on the bench and screamed, “Not guilty by reasons of the other guys crossed state lines!”

Smollettt, was seen smiling as he left the courthouse and reportedly stopped at a Subway restaurant to get a “freedom” foot-long. As of this report it is still unclear how Smollett, who lives in California, plans to get home since he would have to cross state lines.

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