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Disneyland Updates Hall Of Presidents Attraction To Show Joe Biden Refusing To Take Questions

Anaheim, CA – Disneyland has recently updated their iconic Hall Of Presidents attraction to show Joe Biden turn his back when asked questions by reporters. The attraction, which features Audio-Animatronic figures of all 45 US Presidents, has been a Disney staple since 1971.

“We strive to create the most realistic experience possible,” a lead Disney Imagineer explained. “Our team had already spent months getting Biden’s stammer and stutter just right so adding a feature showing his reputation for not taking questions was easy.”

Guests report that after Biden mumbles through his Oath of office, an audio recording of reporters shouting, “Mr. President we have some questions!” is heard.

The animatronic Biden then responds, “I don’t want to get in trouble…I don’t know where I am,” before shuffling to the back of the stage to sniff Abraham Lincoln’s hair.

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